Though our shop produces a wide range of millwork, MCS Woodworking LLC is perhaps best known for our custom cabinetry craft throughout the greater Milwaukee area. Over the years, we’ve worked with numerous contractors and commercial businesses to create truly unique cabinets of all shapes, sizes and styles. Our work can be seen in homes and businesses all over Wisconsin, and we take pride in the quality and unique individualism of each finished product in our portfolio.

Creating for the Customer

Our focus on commercial cabinets in Milwaukee, WI combines our passion for tailored woodworking with the exceptional capabilities of our complete shop. We start every project by consulting at length with a developer or commercial client, to gain an understanding of everything from design preferences to final application. Once we understand the scope and parameters of the project, we’re able to quickly get to work employing our skill.

Decades of Experience

Having worked to produce cabinets for retail, commercial, governmental and healthcare properties, among other customers, our team is well-versed in the design and build specifications that follow your custom cabinet project. We craft cabinets that are specifically designed to meet a unique scope of needs—whether it’s general storage, specialized compartmentalization or simply for aesthetics and décor.

Custom Cabinetry for Team Lounge

Complete Capabilities

Our scope of cabinetry services covers virtually any application. Our extensive range of experience allows us to produce cabinets for numerous settings, including:

  • Commercial & tenant buildouts
  • Custom matching mouldings
  • Fire damage & historical restorations
  • Residential entertainment rooms
  • Reception desks
  • Guard stations
  • Lobbies
  • Bars
  • Conference rooms
  • Service centers
  • Vaults
  • Nursing stations
  • Point-of-purchase displays

We invite you to consult with us about your specific need for quality, custom cabinets to see for yourself the level of experience we bring to the table. We’re happy to adapt styles, designs, and features to produce cabinets that are consistent with your concepts and needs.

Consult with us today by calling 414-302-1400. We’re ready to work in tandem with contractors, developers and commercial customers, to produce quality cabinets that are simply unparalleled.