CNC Router at MCSMCS Woodworking recently added a new Holzer Dynestic 7505 CNC Router, greatly expanding our woodworking capabilities. Our new router has the capacity to process full 5′ X 10′ sheets up to 3 inches thick. This alone will reduce our lead times and help us complete projects more efficiently for you.

HOLZER Dynestic 7505 with Pusher and Conveyor belt.

Before we acquired this piece of equipment, we had to outsource some project parts due to the time it takes to craft them by hand without full CNC capabilities. This addition will definitely make our process more streamlined for all future projects.

If you’re looking for a resource that has a system like ours, we are happy to help you with your needs. MCS can program jobs based on your CAD drawings or cut lists and machine your parts to spec. We can do straight or curved pieces, we can miter fold and send out glued or non-glued units.

Another service we offer is to make up standard and custom closet parts for customers to put together at home, much like a California Closet. We also sell sheet goods like plywood, MDF, particleboard, melamine, and solid wood in any species.

Have questions? Here are some of the most common we here:

Q: What are the lead times?

A: 2 Weeks on average, depending on the scale of your project.

Q: What kind of work can MCS do?

A: We do all types of woodworking, everything from Mouldings, Cabinets, Displays, and more.

Q: Can MCS supply materials?

A: Yes! We have an extensive supply chain allowing us to obtain any materials needed to complete your project.

Q: Will the parts be palletized?

A: Yes, orders that can be palletized will be and we will provide the pallet.

Q: Can MCS deliver the project?

A: Yes, we can deliver it to your location.

Q: Can MCS apply edgebanding to cabinet parts?

A: Yes, we can supply and apply.