Matt Schmidt - President of MCS Woodworking

Matt Schmidt


Matt has been an integral part of MCS Woodworking since he walked in the doors over 22 years ago.  He started as an apprentice and worked his way up, learning all aspects of this business.  He has always enjoyed working with his hands and building things.  The best part about working at MCS Woodworking is the collaboration amongst the team.  All of us coming together to produce quality products that serve our community is something he looks forward to every day.  Matt enjoys riding his Harley motorcycle, hunting, and spending time with his Fiancé.

Rachael Ornelas - Vise President of MCS Woodworking

Rachael Ornelas

Vice President

Rachael joined MCS Woodworking as a part-time administrative assistant while going to college, in January 2006. After attaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, she began working full time as the Office Manager.  As of August 2020, she is the Vice President and is excited for the journey ahead.  She enjoys the culture at MCS Woodworking, being a small business with an American heart.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, camping, and gardening.

Tom Becker - Project Manager at MCS Woodworking

Tom Becker

Project Manager

Tom officially joined MCS in 2020. He had grown up with Matt but was previously a Regional Manager for a large landscape & lawn care company. Since 2016, he has come helped out at MCS in the landscape’s off-season. This helped him realize that this was a career that he wanted to switch to.  In his spare time, he likes to buy, sell and collect vintage signs and items.

Chris Combs - MillWright at MCS Woodworking

Chris Combs


Chris joined MCS in 2019 as an apprentice, straight out of MATC. He had previously been in the food industry and wanted to do something more. He enjoyed working with wood in High School and wanted to learn something new. He has found all of this in his new profession. He enjoys working for a local small business. In his spare time, he enjoys playing games of all kinds.

Jordan Lannert - Cabinet Maker at MCS Woodworking

Jordan Lannert

Cabinet Maker

Jordan joined MCS in 2019 as an apprentice. He had previously done some woodworking, as well as shipping and receiving. He really likes being able to see the finished product, knowing that he made it. He enjoys the relaxed atmosphere at MCS. In his spare time, he plays music with his band and likes to go foraging.

Mike Schmidt Founder of MCS Woodworking

Mike Schmidt


Mike established MCS Woodworking in August 1995.  After 25 years in business, in August 2020, Mike retired and has passed the business onto Matt and Rachael.  He enjoys traveling with his wife, spending time with his family, hunting, and fishing.

Jill Handley - Administrative Assistant and MCS Woodworking

Jill Handley

Administrative Assistant

Jill joined MCS in 2018. Previously she worked in administration in the health industry. She loves to see things being hand-crafted and working for a small business. MCS is a perfect blend of that for her. She likes the close-knit comradery at work. In her spare time, she is a full-time mom and likes to crochet and bake.

Jim Wallace - Head Cabinet Maker at MCS Woodworking

Jim Wallace

Lead Cabinet Maker

Jim joined MCS back in 2010 after working for a larger millwork company in Milwaukee. He has always liked working with his hands and tinkering with things. He most enjoys working with the people here at MCS. In his spare time, he is always tinkering with small engines and fixing up his boat.

Stan Kujawa - Senior Project Manager at MCS Woodworking

Stan Kujawa

Sr Project Manager

Stan joined MCS Woodworking in October 2014.  Before he came to MCS, he had his own cabinet shop; working in the residential market with over 40 years of experience.  He really enjoys working in this trade, leading a good crew, and partnering with both project managers and our trusted vendors.  During the warmer months, you will find Stan in his yard and his gardens. When not outside, he likes to build furniture and work around the house.

Redd - Guard Dog In Training at MCS Woodworking


Guard Dog “In Training”

Redd is our newest addition and is still learning how the world works.  He loves attention and treats!